Specialty Burgers & Sandwiches



Specialty burgers served are a 1/2 lb, 100% Angus Beef patty

Burgers may be cooked to order

Also available on Grilled or Crispy Chicken, Turkey Patty, Veggie Patty, Fried Fish on request

#1 Hollywood     $6.99

grilled onions, mushrooms, jalapenos smothered in American cheese

InkedSuper Star_LI

#2 Superstar     $7.99

grilled onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, bell pepper, bacon smothered in American and Provolone cheese


#3 Bacon and Cheese     $6.99

pick your cheese

American ,Provolone, Cheddar, Pepper-jack or Swiss cheese


#4 Spicy Chili Cheese     $6.99

chili, jalapenos, and cheddar


#5 Mushroom and Swiss Cheese     $6.99


#6 California     $6.99

American and Provolone cheese with sliced avocado


#7 Aloha     $6.99

American and Provolone cheese perfectly melted over ham and topped with a pineapple

#8 Tex Mex     $6.99

grilled onion and jalapenos smothered in American cheese


#9 Teriyaki     $6.99

 recommended over grilled chicken or turkey burger

Teriyaki sauce w/ melted Provolone cheese topped w/ a pineapple

#10 Bulgogi     $7.99

Bulgogi, grilled onions, mushrooms smothered in Provolone cheese

#11 Dejigogi     $7.99

Dejigogi, grilled onions, mushrooms, jalps smothered in Provolone cheese


#12 The Chuck     $10.49

double meat, bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapenos smothered in Cheddar cheese

#13 Kimchi     $6.99

grilled kimchi smothered in Provolone cheese



also available on 1/4 pound or 1 pound Angus beef patties, and Salmon filet at varying prices

Add fries and 20oz drink    $2.79



#2 Supersta